Tax Preparation

Essentially, preparing taxes is just filling out forms. So how hard can it be?
This line of thinking leads some people to do their own taxes. If your situation is very simple and clear cut, it may work to DIY (Do-It-Yourself,)

But even in a simple situation, it’s what goes on the forms that counts. That input literally determines the amount of money you owe or the refund you get.
It also determines the fees we charge to prepare various types of tax returns.


Tax law gets more complex every year because rules change every year. One of the IRS’s own publications warns that “The most serious problem facing taxpayers is the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Would you believe that U.S. tax laws and regulations have grown to over 10 million words in length? This includes the federal internal revenue code (2,412,000 words long) and federal tax regulations (7,655,000 words long). It does not include the substantial body of tax-related case law that is often vital to understanding the tax code.


Who in their right mind would want to deal with this kind of mess for a living?

Me! I love the challenge of figuring out big multi-faceted puzzles. And I hate the impact that the messy tax code has on people's lives. The IRS admits that

"The complexity of the Code leads to perverse results. On the one hand, taxpayers who honestly seek to comply with the law often make inadvertent errors, causing them either to overpay their tax or to become subject to IRS enforcement action for mistaken underpayments of tax."

Make It Easy

My passion is making sure that my clients are not victims of their own ignorance of tax code. 

How do I keep up with continuously changing tax laws and regulations? By being a fulltime tax expert. That means

  • working with clients year round and researching tax regulations for specific client issues
  • reading tax-related articles every week
  • attending many conferences and seminars throughout the year
  • discussing tax issues with colleagues-locally and nationally
  • conferring with specific issue experts when I need to 

I stay on top of tax code complexity so all you have to do is follow the Tax Preparation Process steps at tax time. See the Tax Preparation Process infographic on the right. 

Check here for pricing on preparing different types of tax returns.


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