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Paying the IRS or Oregon Electronically

The IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue both offer options to pay your balance due (Fed, Oregon and Tri-Met) and quarterly estimated payments electronically.

The IRS offers their Direct Pay service, to pay from your checking or savings account without processing fees. Unlike their EFTPS option, you don’t need to create an account or enroll in anything. Just go directly to the Direct Pay website and follow the instructions to make a payment on your account.

You can now instantly create an account with the Oregon Department of Revenue through their Revenue Online  system and set up payments for current year and prior year balances due, Tri-Met payments, quarterly estimated payments and more. You can also view information about past payments, account balances, letters sent to you and more at Payments.

The City of Portland offers the option to pay your Combined Portland/Multnomah Business License Tax balance due on their website You must create an account to use their online option.