Pricing for 2017 Services

Fee Transparency

We want to be as transparent as possible about our fees, so we are publishing them in as much detail as we can. The Pricing infographic on the left presents an overview of The Tax Strategist NW pricing for our services. To see pricing broken down by specific type of tax return, as well as the forms for each type, see Pricing for Individual Tax Returns.

The price of preparing tax returns goes up each year, like most other consumer costs. According to a national study by the National Society of Accountants in 2014, fees vary across the USA, and are highest on the West coast. Check out the price comparison map. Fees have increased each year an average of 5.66% since 2014, reflecting tax preparers’ increasing costs of doing business.

It’s All About Complexity

Our tax preparation fees are based on the type and complexity of the forms required to complete your return and the complexity of the return itself. Yes, it's all about complexity! Despite what Turbo Tax and H&R Block ads say, good tax preparation is both a science and an art.  That is why you get differing approaches, opinions and outcomes from different preparers.

At The Tax Strategist NW we love helping people straighten out messy, complex situations. That’s why we offer Consulting, Tax Planning and IRS Representation in addition to Tax Preparation.

The chart below segments tax returns by level of complexity, based on industry experience. The price ranges for each level of tax return are based on the value we deliver and the costs of running this business, including increasing legal liability for all tax preparers.

Many tax consultants are adopting the practice of charging retainers upfront, just like attorneys do. See our pricing and retainer fee summary in the Pricing infographic. 

These figures are general ranges and will apply for most returns, but it’s possible for a return to be less than or more than these ranges. Cost depends on the complexity involved. Sometimes we can predict the level of complexity, but often we don't know until we get into the accounting or find that more research is required. Research is billed at $85 per hour.

The price ranges below assume that your books and records are complete and in good condition. It takes time to straighten out messes, so any additional accounting required to complete your return will be billed hourly at $75.

When your situation can have various adverse or beneficial outcomes, we research the Tax Code (yes, it’s 74,608 pages long) and IRS rulings to find the best way to present your tax return. Research is billed at $85.00 per hour.

We offer both in-person or phone meetings for Consultation and for Tax Planning. Please call us at 971 300-0600 to schedule an appointment.

 Tax Return Preparation

Tax preparation fees include preparation, filing, and a copy of your return in either digital or paper format.

Price ranges for each type of return are below.

Consulting and/or Tax Planning 

It is very helpful to create a clear strategy before beginning the tax prep process. Consulting and/or Tax Planning are billed hourly at $165 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. See the Consulting page for details.

If you just have a few questions, please feel free to ask, and we will let you know if there is a simple answer we can give you at no charge, or if we should schedule a consultation.

NOTE: Neither Consulting nor Tax Planning is a requirement for Tax Preparation.