Marisa 350 boost

My Philosophy

The right strategy makes all the difference!

The wrong strategy is winging it; hoping that last-minute year-end deductions will keep you from owning a big tax bill. 

The “right” strategy is the one that aligns your personal and business goals with a tax-savvy financial plan.

Hope is not an action plan. If you don’t pay attention, then you don’t get a choice. As your tax strategist, I help you see your choices clearly and design a strategy that improves your life and your bottom line. 

My Mission


I want to take the fear out of taxes and make tax laws work for you!  Let the fear of paying taxes get you moving toward the life you want.

Most people limit their financial expertise to how they earn their income in their business or job. Then close their eyes and hold their breath as they passively turn over documents to the tax practitioner. They brace themselves for the bad news, while hoping the tax magician can transform earned income into a refund.

That’s how I was—before I learned the value of really understanding taxes as a part of financial literacy.       

It’s your life. Doesn’t it make more sense to take charge of the tax part of your business and personal life?

Open your eyes and breathe. Instead of dreading taxes, use the reality of tax deadlines to spur yourself into designing a personalized, realistic strategy to build the life you want. I believe that you make the best business and life decisions when you know the actual numbers and the real facts. There are many tax laws and financial tools that can be used in your favor—if you use them in an ongoing plan.

It’s a collaborative process. We help you understand your situation and your options. You make decisions about what you want and do not want in your life. We make recommendations. You choose the ones you want to implement.

We work with clients who are ready to be proactive, collaborative, realistic, and responsible.  

Our office (both physical and virtual) is a shame-free environment. No one should feel embarrassed or self-conscious about past mistakes or not understand how tax laws work. Each of us has been there too.

It’s been my experience that when we

  • shift from fear, anger, avoidance and open to responsibility, creativity, and action
  • have the right guidance, the relevant knowledge and clear objectives
  • collaborate in designing a good plan and implement the right steps

then we can create a blueprint that guides us to building the life we want. It makes the difference between arriving at our desired destination and enjoying the journey or putting up with anything that comes our way.

I believe this is true in all parts of our life, including finances.

This doesn’t mean that you and I won’t owe taxes or that we won’t have challenges or need to make difficult decisions. That’s just life!

My Passion

I don't like paying my taxes any more than you do. But as an inevitable part of financial life that is usually both physically, legally & emotionally messy, I find it a fascinating subject.

I love helping people figure out how to get where they want to be that they didn’t think they could be. I get a kick out of collaborating with clients to create strategies that reduce their tax bite while also improve their businesses and quality of life.

Empowering people by showing them possible solutions is exciting. This is my passion! It’s really fun to me!